Thursday, March 12, 2009

floryshyth and burgenyth

Spring has come to Deep South Town. The Bradford pear tree outside my office window was white with blossoms a week ago; now the green, glossy leaves are unfolding, and the rest of the campus is coming out in many colors. Surprisingly, students here don't seem to spend much time outside, unless they are walking to and from classes. I would have expected to see suntan-oiled girls on blankets and games of Ultimate Frisbee by now, but the lawns are very decorous and very still.

Perhaps they're too exhausted to play. I'm feeling that way myself. The nine weeks between the beginning of the semester and spring break (which starts TOMORROW!) seem very, very long. Spring means a faster tempo for both professors and students, a flurry of deadlines, more urgency in everything. And most of our students have little enough leisure time as it is.

Still, I hope they find a little time to enjoy the sunshine and the daffodils before they're gone.

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