Saturday, May 24, 2008

right, so why did I let myself in for this?

My plan for the summer:

Today - June 3: Finish writing article and send it off. Finish syllabus for summer class. Clean out office. Box up ENTIRE APARTMENT. Possibly, put stuff into storage; possibly just leave it in the apartment, depending on whether the landlord will let me get away with not paying rent for July.

June 4-12: Go to Louisville to grade AP exams.

June 13-17: Drive to Parentland. Fill out paperwork for summer class. Finish prep for summer class, which is not precisely in my field and covers some material I haven't read since undergrad, and has three-and-a-half-hour class sessions.

June 23 - July 30: Teach summer class in Parentland. At some point, go to Deep South Town for a long weekend to scout out apartments. At another point, possibly go to a wedding. At yet another point, possibly return to New SLAC Town to let the movers in, if stuff is not already in storage.

July 31 - August 6: Drive to Deep South Town.

August 7 - New faculty orientation.

Now, the AP grading and the summer course are both things that I signed on for before I got the job offer at Misnomer U., and can't back out of now. By and large, it's just as well that I have a few sources of income for the summer, since the new place doesn't pay moving expenses, and the summer teaching will involve a lit class with a current enrollment of six students, which is the best kind of teaching. But still, aarghh.


Bardiac said...

Wow, that's a busy summer for you!

I bet you're right about the income producing stuff :)

Fretful Porpentine said...

Yes. Income is a good thing, and an extra $4,000 will quite possibly allow me to kick off to Europe next summer, when I won't have to move. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I teach in block scheduling (students at my university take 1 class at a time for 18 days for 3 hours a day). I have LOTS of experience teaching 3 hour blocks. Let me know if you need some suggestions!

Fretful Porpentine said...

RG -- Yeah, any tips you have would be helpful, thanks, because I thought the two-hour comp classes at New SLAC were hell on earth. Hopefully, it will be easier with lit.

Sisyphus said...

You can do it I'm sure! It will all get miraculously completed somehow.

And we all need more amusing AP bloopers, so it's good you're on that.