Tuesday, March 4, 2008

it is a snow day and I am bored

Direct quote from this year's AP reading housing form:

In order to place you with the appropriate roommate please check all of the following that apply:

__ I snore loudly.
__ I prefer to stay up late.

One wonders precisely what they intend to do with this information. Do they put the snorers together? Do they put them with the people who prefer to stay up late? Do they, perhaps, have a special file of people who LIKE having roommates who snore loudly? Inquiring minds want to know!

I guess this is no sillier than the form I had to fill out as a college freshman, which included such items as "I prefer that my roommate not use drugs" (they did not ask about one's own habits, so my mom pointed out, quite sensibly, that some percentage of the people who ticked that box probably wanted to keep all the drugs for themselves). Times change, and every dorm claims to be substance-free these days, so I expect they don't ask that any more. They probably still don't ask the questions that matter: the Unmitigated Disaster that was my relationship with my freshman roommate could probably have been avoided if only there had been a box that said, "I am rather immature for eighteen and something of a judgmental snot." (OK, both my roommate and I could have honestly ticked it, so maybe it wouldn't have helped.)

So yeah, I think this was a completely mundane post, but as the subject line says, it is a snow day and I am bored. I'm very pleased that we get a snow day on a Tuesday, because Tuesdays are usually my least favorite day, but at the same time I can't help noting that it is a balmy 68 degrees in University of Basketball Town, and remembering that I could have had a postdoc if I hadn't decided to go chasing dreams halfway across the country. I guess I don't regret it. It has been a good year, in spite of everything, but I wish I had a clue what happens after this, and whether these are the last weeks of my academic career, or just the beginning.

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