Tuesday, March 25, 2008

department of amusingly specific calls for papers

From the UPenn list:

I'm seeking contributors for a GEMCS 2008 panel on gluttony (broadly defined).

This could include gluttony in the morality tradition, gluttony as a character attribute in drama or prose, gluttony as a theological concept, gluttony in nondramatic art, or gluttony in any other situation your imagination, material, and relevance will allow, e.g. gluttony in the surprisingly numerous broadsheet ballads about providentially significant monstrous London swine, 1550-1640.

Clearly, I need to read some of these ballads. (I wonder if monstrous swine are only providentially significant if they are in London? Are there ballads about, say, providentially significant monstrous Norwich swine?)


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I'm sure the swine were as monstrous in Norwich, but London makes it so much easier to be providential about whatever. I mean, we KNOW it's a den of iniquity (and Norwich is the home of virtue).

Renaissance Girl said...

LOL. I love especially the specificity in the midst of such a really vague CFP.