Monday, October 8, 2007

twelve things to do that are not applying for jobs

1) Hold sixteen student conferences, assuming that they all show up, which isn't very likely since one has apparently dropped off the face of the earth, and another one shows up occasionally but is failing due to his extreme lack of involvement and apparent inability to meet deadlines. Explain to failing student why he's failing (if he shows up). Explain to other student that I can see him when he text-messages under the desk.

2) Ask for letter from chair. Which I should have done weeks ago, and is now much harder to do than it would have been back then. Would it look horrible if I didn't have a letter from my chair, seeing as how I've only been working here for six weeks?

3) Check to see if other rec letters are in.

4) Re-familiarize myself with conference paper that I wrote five months ago. Make handouts for conference.

5) Go to New Faculty Reception, Lunch With Library Staff, and, possibly, Music Department Concert. Gotta be seen.

6) Oh yeah, teach.

7) Go to conference. Try not to disgrace self.

8) Return home; collect fifty-odd student papers because stupid me decided to make them all due the same week. Grade, and grade, and grade.

9) Teach some more. Execute Cunning Plan by holding a class consisting entirely of film clips. Hope they're not onto me.

10) Go visit parents, as we get Friday of next week off. Probably they will not like it if I spend the whole weekend grading.

11) Teach some more.

12) Freak out, because it is now the fourth week in October and most job apps are due on the first and second of November. Eek!

I can do this, right? I've done this before, and this time last year I had a dissertation to defend, and not that many fewer students than I have now.


Sisyphus said...

Aigh! We can do it! We can do it! (we're gonna have to do it!)

Aren't you doing some drama in your classes? Could you have the students do readings or performances and fill up class time that way?

Good luck with everything and I know you will rock at the conference!

Fretful Porpentine said...

Yeah, I'm doing lots and lots of drama in my classes (and there will be group projects coming up where the students not only perform, but ALSO lead discussion for a glorious ten minutes afterwards! I'm SO looking forward to it! Unfortunately, they don't really get in gear until week after next.)