Monday, October 15, 2007

stats from hell week

Job apps due between now and November 2: 20
Job apps sent this week: 0

Papers collected this morning: 16
Students enrolled in the class where papers were due this morning: 20
Papers graded: 6
Cases of plagiarism discovered: 1 definite, 1 probable (but I won't be able to nail the second student without subscribing to a pay-for-papers site. Blah.)
E-mails dispatched to plagiarizing students: 1
E-mails answered: 0

Number of papers yet to be collected this week: 50 40. (Sometimes, not being able to count has its perks).

Yeesh. Why do I do this to myself, again?


Bardiac said...


Just do your best, get your letters/packets out. The students won't die if they have to wait an extra day to get their papers back, not really...

Sisyphus said...

Fun, fun! Good luck and remember that you didn't really _need_ sanity during job season anyway.

Fretful Porpentine said...

Bardiac -- True, but grading is how I procrastinate from the job market! (Now that I've realized this, no wonder I was so good and graded six of them yesterday.)

Sisyphus -- I think sanity is ALWAYS optional in this profession!