Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dust Bunny Sanctuary

Back in New SLAC Town to get moved out. The landlord is coming in a couple of hours, so I really do need to finish up cleaning the place, as well as packing everything the movers didn't take with them.

My God, I suck at housekeeping. This place should have a "Dust Bunny Sanctuary" sign on it.

It's strange being here again. It's just about the time when I arrived last year, when I thought this might well be Home For Life. Now I know it is just a temporary place. I haven't had all that many temporary places in my life, apart from Spanish City where I spent a scary and glorious semester as a wide-eyed nineteen-year-old, and English City, where I spent a summer shacked up with my long-distance boyfriend. I have been back to Spanish City, and probably will be back to English City, which is a major tourist spot; I don't think I will ever have any occasion to visit New SLAC Town again. And yet, for ten months or so, it was home.

Leaving temporary places is always a wrench. I walked across the campus on Friday; the summer stillness lay heavy upon it, and no one was there. Perhaps that's as well. It wasn't a talking-to-people sort of walk.

New faculty orientation is on August 7th, which is TOO SOON. Eeee!


Sisyphus said...

Cleaning, bleah! Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

At least you get a "new faculty introduction". I never had such a thing. (When I started teaching at the university I asked for training (as I had never taught students before (just "normal adults" working in the same fields (IT and LIS), and thus never in a situation where anybody might mistake me for a guru), but I nwas told that just by hiring me it was made clear by definition that I was able to teach students ... . I admit that I skipped the introductory course on formal university structures, and prefered to read the legal framework texts ... . But nobody ever introduced me to my colleagues-to-be.)

Anyway: best wishes for everything!


Bardiac said...

Best wishes on the new job and community :)

Final apartment cleanings are just blah. If you can empty furniture out first, it helps lots!

Fretful Porpentine said...

Thanks, Sisyphus, hck, and Bardiac!